Saturday, August 12, 2017

IKEA Sladda Bicycle

This is an armchair review of the IKEA Sladda bicycle.

By armchair I mean that I was not cheeky enough to buy one, test it and return it.  I only gave it a once over in a store.  Because after even an inspection I knew it was close but not utility enough ...

 It is a sturdy construction city bike with wide handlebars and a few options like a carrier at the front

There is only one brake a front disc brake since the rear is a toothed belt zero maintenance which will provide braking if you are not peddling.

 Chunky and effective.

So what is wrong?

This bike is on sale in the UK for IKEA family members at 400 GBP.  Not a bad deal.  Trouble is, it is not 


That is all it needs.   It needs a motor, and a removable Lithium Ion battery which can increase the overall speed and help shift this heavy frame up any hill.

So add all of that, keep the single speed element i.e. simplicity, and keep the price below 500 GBP.

And then you really will have a winner.

IKEA Sladda 400 GBP in the UK