Monday, August 07, 2017

Encouraging and Supporting Change

Subtitle: We can do better in one lifetime

As the above graphic explains the Listening Project is a BBC and British library shared initiative documenting intimate conversations between relative or friends.

Marcus has been doing his own listening to this program since 2012.

To me the programs' contents often reminds me how we as a society can and have done better.

In particular about the changing views of society as a whole. 
For example, Attitudes towards the role and place of women in society.  Or that of non heterosexual people.

To my certain experience there have been fundamental shifts withing the European First World in 1 lifetime.  

Whilst there is still work to do regarding discrimination, the law in England is now reformed and this is backed by a change in societal thinking of the majority.   Articles like this make me proud to look back on how far we have become.

Climbing the Ladder

Alec and Audrey