Tuesday, August 01, 2017

De Labeling

Subtitle: And de-blinging too.

Marcus and Agata delabel everything.  And as the above photograph tries to illustrate we even prefer clothing which is clear of logos, or crass stupid messages.

In short we are grown ups.

We try to be comfortable with what we have, and don't try to flash or invade the space of others with garish logos or images or suggestions that /we are better than you/

Furthermore wherever possible I am not prepared to be a walking advertisment for products that I am wearing or using.   

This world is already too full of advertising on our TV screens, websites, searches, even in the toilets of the local petrol station.

It needs to stop.

If we meet for a coffee I want to know about you the person by your words and not the shopping narrative and so called witty thoughts displayed on your T Shirt.

Delabeling the things you own is a small way to help even the balance.  10 real world examples

01 We delabelled our car

02 We optioned out the large fixed wing car spoiler for something more discrete

03 Marcus's race bicycle is delogoed  (well it has duct tape over the logos!!)

04 Race competition clothing aside, we don't choose to buy any clothing with slogans or large pretentious logos.

05 Wherever possible all manufacturer tags are removed from Clothing. If you like my sweater you will have to ask me who makes it, the label is gone.

06 Graffiti:  we are really not a fan

07 We continue to choose not to place generic advertising on any of our websites.  If we like it, we will tell you, ok!

08 If it is for the home and it comes with a logo.  Hide it if at all possible.  We know what we bought thank you.

09 If we have the choice the computer will be plain and not full of bling. No flashing lights and programmable colours.  None of our computer keyboards have light programmable keys. 

10 We designed our home Audio system to be Heard and [barely] seen.  There are no labels or logos, and we didn't install 500 Watts because we need more like 50.

In Summary
Delabelling is part of our life simplification mantra.

Don't walk around as an unpaid advertising board for others. Create your own style.  And some things should just be secret.

Semisonic: Secret Smile