Thursday, August 03, 2017

Behind a Simple Picture

It is surprising what lies behind a one simple picture but the above represents one small refinement to our new home.

The boxes are soft material IKEA drona

And this was the original picture.  Why the transformation?   Here is the explanation:

- This is a custom cupboard we had made.  The height of the shelves was specifically made to maximise the Drona storage

- The picture below was the original configuration with the older smaller zippable Black IKEA boxes we brought from Switzerland.   (They are not sold anymore).   We managed to re-use those zippable boxes elsewhere leaving the path open to have a full Drona setup here

- The older black zippable boxes are now used to house Computer parts.  Zippable is better here, opened infrequently.  Whereas the open Drona boxes are more suitable for daily rummaging.  It's a perfect re-purposing

- You will notice that Agata has a flowery box.   Though the irregularity hurts my eyes, Marcus will never push her into anything, so she wants flowery, flowery it is.

- This single cupboard houses most of Marcus's non hanging clothes.  Yes, I have finally got my clothing down to an absolute minimum.   Jack Reacher would be proud of me :-)

- We are space constrained in our new home so Marcus' extreme economy is nicely matched. You will notice an individual box might contain multiple clothes types. (Click on photos to see labels)

- Of course everything is labelled so that particular clothes can be found with maximum efficiency

- The IKEA boxes come in at about 2.50 GBP each.  So not only are they soft, functional, but very inexpensively priced too

To Close
So you see, behind these simple pictures is purpose, thinking, and planning.  And now,  let us relax:

The Orb: Clouds