Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Another training run

Marcus and Agata are in the last stages of preparation for a long Ultra Run, this time in Cornwall.

I personally think the main challenges will be the weather and navigation but that is not really under our control, so what is?  Well the training and the packing

The Mandatory List
To quote from the race manual:

Kit checks will be carried out at registration. Additional random kit checks could be conducted on route and at the finish. Required are:

Waterproof jacket with taped seams
Long sleeve warm top
Mobile phone
Hydration system min capacity 1 litre
Emergency Blanket (foil type)
Head wear  or similar headwear
Head torch with minimum brightness level of 100 lumens
Spare battery set for Head torch
Nutrition (gels, bars, energy food etc.)
Visibility vest  – must be worn as top  layer
Glow Stick  must be worn at all times on backpack

Ultimate Direction
 My existing minimalist Camelbak horizontal bladder rucksack that I previously used cannot fit the mandatory list in so I had to invest in a Ultimate Direction Peter Bakwin adventure vest 3.0

(Initial impressions are Bloody fantastic, but I shall publish a full review after the forthcoming race)

 I made an initial kit list of weight and came up with a 3.3Kg run weight.

 Inoticed the irony of making the list on a chocolate bar wrapper.  Note to self: Must stop chocolate intake in the days leading up to race

 Well acually closer to 3.5Kg and it feels pretty heavy

 Of course a good proportion of this is water and I need to study the race plan to see if it is possible to carry something more like 750 grams total because a 500 gram reduction would make running so much easier.

 I am re-calibrating the Garmin GPS watch so that my maximum zone is from 110 - 150 BPM.    In todays practice I was around 120bpm with a peak at about 130bpm.

For an effort of over 15 hours I want to take it relatively easy.  Tell me I am not too lazy!

 So Agata tells me it is going to be a walk, sorry run in the park, sorry actually "a run along the cliffs" and it will be so very easy.   

Well assuming it does not rain (too much) and assuming the route is nicely signed.