Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Another Bag Bites The Dust

Queen: Another one bites the dust

Yes, finally after 6 months of daily service Marcus has had to retire a very important plastic bag

In order to safeguard items that I carry in daily life I am a great believer in the plastic bag protector.    Possibly this comes from an experience of camping and trekking.

A simple plastic bag can protect your valuables and the above bag has done continuous duty protecting my Huawei P9 plus smartphone.

Yes, for at least 6 months

Here is a second plastic bag that protects my minimalist Wallet, my Tempe temperature sensor and house keys.

The folded plastic bag

- Protects my smartphone from a fall onto abrasive surfaces like tarmac
- It 100% shields from rain and sweat
- It adds literally zero bulk
- Transparent so you can be sure phone screen is off
- Transparent so you can operate phone in rain if necessary
- It is fairly quick to remove and recover
- It is in every way better than something made out of a natural material like leather or wood.
- And by better I mean it does a job [of protection & waterproofing],  it is lighter, and its use is considered by me 100% recycling.
- This bag is recycled from a previous eBay or Amazon order.  It was typically device packaging.   (In general we save every small watertight bag for future use)
- I keep using a bag until any hole ruins it's ability to provide protection

So,  if you live an active lifestyle we hope that you too can consider the benefits of bagging your smartphone and valuables whilst you are on the trail or on the slopes, or even in the [urban] jungle.

And to close.  Well, back to Queen

Queen/Deadpool: Don't Stop Me Now