Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Winter in Warsaw

Mike & the Mechanics: Looking Back

Subtitle: Because leaving is so Hard

Marcus and Agata have had a very busy and difficult time within the last 12 months.  Because, it is not easy to leave Switzerland for another country without letting a few things slide.

One of them is visits back to friends and family in Warsaw Poland.  In fact the last visit was Christmas 2016 and before that well probably almost a year back again.

Now that our relocation to England is complete  (no thanks Marcus would say quite poignantly to any family member in England, no help was offered),   we are free to look back on the highpoints of Christmas 2016 in Warsaw.

We want to be back there soon, please before Christmas 2017!

Highlights of Warsaw visit 2016

In almost 2 weeks I only saw one run down car.  Poland has come on in leaps and bounds from the time when there was only 2 types of car on the street, period!  Now Warsaw has it's share of Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other high end dealers.   Remarkable.

Unlike Switzerland, Marks and Spencer is available in Poland.  We stocked up some traditional English food for Christmas day.  Again, it's remarkable to me that Poland now offers a superior retail experience to Switzerland.  How times have changed for this country, in just over a decade.

Sooner or later in life you realise that your teeth and their health is a very important factor in your overall well-being.   We always make a checkup in Poland, and here is brave Marcus before one of many appointments.

Like a good son, Marcus hand over a new 24GB memory and other fancy components computer to Mama.

Actually the Windows 10 backup and restored worked perfectly after some initial tweaking, so I did not even have to do a re-install, which believe me would have been troublesome, in Polish.  Aaaargh.

We spent a lot of time running in our local forest.  Very unusually we had no deep snow.  In fact home in Switzerland had more than Poland.   The wildlife and insects are going to get very confused for 2017.

Back at the dentists for what proved to be an excruciatingly painful gum cleaning.  

Agata gets in the Christmas mood

Grumpy Marcus and Happy Santa

M&S made me a special FSM Christmas Cake, I am sure secularists know exactly what I am talking about

We cleaned out the cave.  It was on my bucket list for years.   I rest easy now.

We keep some ancient sets of running clothes in Warsaw.  Can you tell!

Marcus says (to himself),  must try harder on my runs, this is not even registering as exercise on my new Garmin watch.

No really,  we got a 100GB Christmas data packet for just a few pounds equivalent.  Yes, fast 4G mobile, 100 GB.  This puts other European countries to shame.  Poland has very fast and economically priced Internet.  Another plus for Poland.

I hope you can see that Christmas in Warsaw was much to our liking.   As stated, now that we potentially have at least more time, we make plans to visit again.