Friday, July 14, 2017

Wasp Alert: Bees Good, Wasps Bad

We learnt some things today about Wasps.   Read on.

For the last 2 weeks or so upstairs in the loft, actually where we sleep, we have noticed a strange sort of scratching sound.  Agata explained it as an echo of the above water fountain feature in our courtyard.

Then for the last few days, at about 3am Marcus has heard what sounded like a loud purring sound.  We thought it might be our part time cat Minx, but on hearing the noise I've gone outside each time and not seen him.

On Thursday morning a new and ugly truth was instead revealed.

Wasp Nest!

(NB: We love bees but hate wasps.  Recall that in Switzerland and now in England too we have constructed a Bee house for Solatory bees.)

On closer inspection Agata had noticed a steady stream of the little Waspy buggers flying into a hole just above the roof window.   We called Warwickshire council Pest Control.

- You pay them 73 GBP
- They then come round to tackle hornets/ wasps
- Other fees apply for other pests
- For Wasps if the treatment fails they can come back a second time for free

Gavin arrived the same day.  We were very impressed!   He explained that the "purring" sound was hundreds of wasps fanning the hive to cool it during the night.   We cringed.

Gavin also explained the lifecycle of the Wasp and that the scratching sound was wasps chewing wood to make a nest.   We cringed again.

The treatment is to inject a poisonous powder into the loft space which wasps bring in and it should kill all wasps which then mean that any Queens and grubs will perish too.


A short while later you can see the white powder is applied.

There was a lot of buzzing.

We now wait until night, when all around is quiet.  Tonight I expect not to hear any scratching.  And, not to hear any "purring", just he sound of sheeps bleating in the fields next door.

Fingers are crossed.