Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Three Mobile "All you can Eat Data" Telephony in the UK

I'm going to talk about the decision by Three Mobile in the UK to charge more for their All you can East dataplan on Pay as You Go mobile.   But first a digression about customer service.

Good Service

So at the end of the call the Three operator said:  Have I resolved your problem,  and I said YES.

This morning my phone stopped working, there was no Internet, or ability to call my Voicemail and when I logged onto my account I found my balance which was not zero was now at 0.0 GBP

It turns out that Three failed to send me a "Your monthly plan is expiring SMS" and so I did not renew the monthly "add on package, the one that gives me minutes and data" and so it used up all my credit at a very high rate so that in 1 day it zeroed.

One might argue it's my responsibility to renew but with all my SIM and phones I rely on this SMS for renewal.  Three made me a fair offer of temporary Internet and Phone minutes in compensation.

It was pretty fair.  I accepted it and really I think this represents good service. So plus brownie points to their offshore call centre, who were polite, understood my issue and put it right.

Now the Bad Bit
With respect to Private  (not Business), Phone only plans, three continues to be the only mobile network in the UK to offer an unlimited dataplan

(Giffgaff advertises unlimited, but after 6GB in one month the bandwidth is throttled to approximately zero.  Shame on them.)

On August 1st 2017 Three will increase its prices of all you can eat Pay as You Go Dataplans

 Current Position above

From August  (Three would not commit to a date on the phone, in order to benefit from the all you can eat data package you must now spend 35 GBP per month instead of 25GBP.

If you are prepared to take out a 12 month subscription, with direct debit you can get something cheaper thus

Why Is it Important?
Having a truly all you can eat  (not Giffgaff, what a ripoff!) subscription is the right thing to buy and for telecoms providers to offer in 2017

- As a consumer you don't get any nasty cost surprises for going over your data limit, for their is none
- You don't need to pick and choose special data offers like Three's binge 'option'
- You don't need to keep monitoring your daily and cumulative data usage, possible on Android, but still easy to forget
- Essentially you can surf freely from your mobile, at the highest Spotify resolution, using full Dropbox mobile uploading, and full Youtube highres viewing and never run out of data.

It is the future and Three should be credited for offering this.  However the cost hike hurts!

In Summary
Today I called three about a messup with my Pay as You Go Mobile Subscription.   They made me a fair offer to put right the problem which I accepted.  This was good service.

However, on a wider point Three have realised that they can charge you more for "All you can eat" Data subscriptions for your mobile phone.   And so they are doing just that.  From August 35 GBP per month.