Saturday, July 29, 2017

The FreeMasons

We recently went on a day trip to London.   We had some items to pick up and Agata, sharp as ever noticed that it was the 300th anniversary of the Freemasons.

And why so special?

Because there was a special Open Day at the United Grand Lodge of England, and on that one day non members were free to visit and have a look around.

Well with that we could not resist.

Freemasonary is a friendly society dating back to the 14th century in England originally of stonemasons.   It has moved on since then and if you don't have a criminal record then in 2017 man or woman you may apply.

(NB: Many lodges are men only so it is hardly fair to say that women are free to join )

Often lambasted as a secret society the Wikipedia page here explains more about Freemasonary

Anyway this is simply a photographic record of the day for better or worse.  We did sit in on a lecture, but you can Google similar, we won't attempt to persuade you for or against the society here.


To finish our evening we headed out to Fishworks.   If you eat fish and live in London, we would recommend it.