Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 Road Running Shoes

Salomon Sonic Pro 2

Marcus and Agata are quite competitive [with each other] when it comes to race technology.  So if I can tell you that we now both have a pair of Sonic Pro 2 Road running shoes you can tell that they must be good!

New Generation Shoes

First, recall that Salomon does not have a longtime pedigree in the road shoe arena.   For footwear they have always been trail shoe specialists.  So this is a new-ish product area for them

Marcus did buy the earlier Sonic Pro shoe, but a large raised instep in the inner conflicted with my majority flat feet and caused pain.

But in 2017 I gave it another go with gen#2 shoes.  And it is really great

The two standout features of the shoe are the sub 250 gram weight and the 6mm low front to back drop.

Anybody can build a cushioned running shoe over 300 grams but to get it down to 250 grams takes some doing.

The 6mm drop means the front is 6mm lower in height than the back.  By comparison my favourite cushioned shoe the Asics Gel Kayano  is 10mm.  That is a huge difference.   So with this shoe, unless you want to end up in the hospital and then physio, no really, you will need to front foot strike run, not strike on the backfoot.

And Notably

The shoe annoyingly has conventional laces.  Not the Qucklace system that I rather expect from Salomon.  In fact gen#1 Sonic Pro has them.   Very annoyed Salomon!!

You can see how thin the tread is.  This is not a high mileage everyday shoe for sure.

Because of the weight these shoes are delicately constructed.  These are running shoes!   Pretty elite running shoes.  Do not use them for football, do not use them for cycling in cleats.  A 250 gram shoe is necessarily fragile.   Use common sense please.

As with most 2017 gen Salomon shoes attention is made to give the shoe a silky smooth interior.   The aim is to reduce all sharp edges and this is design and stitching.  To explain, first the tounge goes down inside the shoe forming a smooth sock environment.  Next any stiching you see is flat.  Third, around the inner heel area is a soft area.  This is great although the downside is that this can easily perish if your running style is clumsy :-(  Be warned.

Other notes for this shoe are breathable mesh, meaning less sweat and zero water resistance.  It it rains, or if you run over wet grass, your feet will get wet.

Lastly, we got these shoes from Wiggle for about 70GBP including UK VAT.  That's a real bargain.  For this price they are shoes that we can afford to last but a season, although we intend to run carefully as ever, and hope they last longer.

Final Thoughts
We each have a pair of these shoes.

They fit well and are as comfortable as slippers.

You need to try to front foot strike running in them please

At 250 grams they are ultra light and necessarily delicate and by design are not water resistant.

They are first and foremost a good road running shoe with comfort beyond what you would expect for the price and weight.

We recommend them!

Sonic Pro 2 Mens website

Sonic Pro 2 Womens website

Wiggle Sonic Pro 2

Start fitness Sonic Pro
(NB:  We recommend only the Sonic Pro 2, not the earlier Sonic Pro)