Saturday, July 08, 2017

Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die covered by 2 Cellos & Lang Lang

Marcus and Agata are endebited to our estates manager Justine who has finally made available a secure Storage bay in our new home in England.

When I say secure, I mean that if Nuclear war was kicking off, I think we would run from the house and get into the storage bay.  It is that secure.

One Small problem

On the walk to the bay I have what it seems many Thistle plants. And over time I have began to hate them.

I began to think why, and this is what I've come up with as justification for being a part time, unpaid, Thistle exterminator

- To me not pretty, okay, that is of course subjective
- They just take over the garden
- They are acknowledged weeds
- If you brush into them you get barbed.  This keeps happening and it is not at all fun or funny.

With every barb my anger has grown.  By all means if you love Thistles then you can have them in your garden.  Buy some land and cultivate them, knock yourself out.  But in our shared garden, I feel they have to go

This is the main extermination tool I have bought. Combined with garden gloves, a lot of bending down and old fashioned sweat and toil it is perfect.

I hate you

So now, every day,  I get out the fork, and an empty IKEA bag and go hunting for Thistles.  We have several hundred of them.   This should keep me occupied if I have nothing else to do.

Live and Let Die: BondFilm