Friday, July 28, 2017

In the Country

It is official.  In England, Marcus and Agata now officially live in the country.  What is happening apart from the harvest?

Well the first thing is small flies.  After the harvest they are known to invade nearby buildings like a plague.   As soon as we realised we closed all windows and door, but a few hundred got in. They are about 1mm long and get everywhere.  So small in fact that one has managed to get inside Agata's monitor screen and died there.  Very annoying.

There are of course many nice birds and corresponding noises.  But also some large aggressive birds.  This one died and a day later something decapitated it.  Lovely.

There are hedgehogs and unfortunately also squashed hedgehogs.

We have the services of Minx, our neighbours guard cat.  He is irresistibly cute.

Ludwig and Mary are the names we have given to the 2 mischievous breakaway sheep.

They have managed to stage a breakout, well everyday for the last week plus occasionally taking with them a string of miscreants.  On the face of it they are quite charming, however they poo a lot and it is all over the castle lawn and now the driveway.  And yesterday they started having ideas above their station and set up shop by the castle landscaped pond.   Farmer Phil will need to be called again soon.

Living in the English countryside is a little different from being next to the Swiss countryside that we are used to.   More dead and misbehaving animals.    Also a lot of pungent fertiliser (well sort of poo related fertiliser to be frank) odours at this time of year.
Overall we are really enjoying the change.