Sunday, July 02, 2017


In the Marcus and Agata household we are on the verge of having a Trump news blackout.   The above ridiculous situation has almost pushed us over the edge.  I will start by neither reading nor watching this news report in detail. But you might like to check the source of this inflammatory video.

I've spoken earlier about the actions of bullies, here is just one example but in the case of the American political system:  We are both astonished and appalled by the attacks being made from the White House and kernel Trump administration on individuals and corporations.  

- In Ostrich mode we will refuse to watch any Trump coverage or read any Trump articles

- We will actively seek not to know what they are doing

- We won't raise Trump as a topic of conversation between friends  (or enemies for that matter)

- We hope upon hope that Trumps actions won't adversely affect us here in Europe

- Of course I can't say pray, but I hope that a coalition against stupidly, bigotry, lying, and self-aggrandisement can be formed shortly to save America

- From our British perspective,  the American experiment was turning out quite well since Independence, please don't **ck it up now.

I will leave you with a relevant movie suggestion for the coming week. Maybe the rot has began early


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