Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Financially: A Mess

The truth is that after childhood and sometimes even before, (well because some of us had to bypass childhood, )  life becomes complicated.  There are seemingly increasingly insurmountable odds to cram just living into every 24 hour long day.

Many people feel that just keeping their /head above water/ is all that they can do to survive.

The symptoms of this malaise / indifference are often accompanied by explanations like

I would care but

I'm too busy to look at the bigger picture

I have to focus on my family

I'm interested but only so far as any crisis might affect me

The Big Picture
The global   (macro) financial situation is in a mess. 

And each day it gets worse.  Every person of thinking age should at the very least

- appraise themselves of the global financial position, i.e. without regard to self interest
- understand what (micro) i.e. individual actions are necessary to effect change and recovery.

Until then I turn to music to set the mood

Supertramp: Fools Overture