Friday, July 07, 2017

Examining Shimano Ultegra R8000

Ultegra R8000

As all cyclists must know Shimano makes 3 ranges of quality Cycling components.   From the lowly 105, to the midpriced Ultegra to the ultimate Dura-Ace.

Ahead of Eurobike 2017  Shimano has already released their update to the existing 6800 series of Ultegra with the R8000 Ultegra  groupset.

Oh and why not always choose Dura Ace? It adds about 1K GBP to your bicycle cost and for those with finite budgets, it might be too much so we fall back to Ultegra or in the worst case 105.

I quite missed the above video  (subscribe here), but after watching it learnt ....

- Mech R8000 available June 2017
- Di2 Electronic R8000 August 2017
- There is no R8000 wheelset
- But WH-RS700 rim brakes 20.4mm width
- And WH-RS770 wheels disc brakes 24mm
- RS wheels are tubeless compatible and for me not available or listed anywhere  (July 2017)
- front mech new
- rear mech has better positioning to make it easier to remove rear wheel and also thinner so it survives a crash better.

- Di2 setup via PC or Android or iPhone
- R8000 vs Dura Ace mech 300 gram groupset difference weight
- Numbers are  8070 hydraulic 8050 Di2 8060 Time Trial

July 2017
Right now I can see that Wiggle is selling R8000 components  (but no wheels) and they are in stock too

Very Few R8000 Bicycles
Ribble R872 R8000

So the time is right for that outgoing 6800 Ultegra bargain or a small wait until R8000 bicycles become generally available.