Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Considering Oatly

The way we humans treat others of different races and sexes has for the most part changed dramatically in the Western world within the last 20 years.  And our relationship towards animals too.

Many people are now uncomfortable about drinking milk with its inherent requirement of using cows who have calved.

Ethical arguments aside there are many people who are Lactose intolerant  and a whole set of health based arguments that propose that milk consumption in later life can not always be a positive thing

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We have decided to carry out our own Oatly, i.e. milk substitute experiment.  Oatly was first brought to our attention in IKEA Switzerland and in England, well it's available from any of the main Supermarkets

Some Alternatives

A mention should be made to some other alternatives, notably rice milk and almond milk,  Marcus did try these for a while but Oatly is the focus of the main test.

About the Cost

Marcus and Agata have never traditionally counted the cost of milk.  But considering Lactose free milk and Oatly we have become very aware of an immediate difference.  The cost.

Basically, home brand Supermarket milk can often be half the cost of a Milk Substitute.  So the cost of an Ethical non milk based decision or one based on Lactose intolerance could be several pounds per week per person depending on what you use milk for.

Make your Own Test!

So far our experiment with Oatly is still in progress. The taste of Tea with Oatly we find acceptable but in coffee it is quite markedly different (not good IOHO)

- Least affected are things like Porridge breakfasts since they can be Oat based anyway

We would encourage reader to look at the arguments especially Ethical with regard to Milk consumption.  If these arguments strike a chord or if you are known to be Lactose intolerant, then why not give an Oatly week a try?