Monday, July 03, 2017

COB LED Cycling Lights

Marcus and Agata are back living in England.   But after more than 15 years away one thing has sadly not improved.  It is surprise of motorists who find cyclists on their road

This is coupled with the ability of motorists to near miss you, or come so close to your bicycle as to cause you to swerve away to safety.

More so than ever then; Marcus would strongly recommend the use of bright LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights for all UK cycling, 24x7, day or night.

I already covered the best possible, I mean by brightness and function light here  (Knog Blinder).  But that light costs over 50GBP.

Today my recommendation, when price is a factor is to buy

COB (Chip on Board) LED Cycling Lights

From left to right COB LED,  Knog Blinder,  COB LED

It is supplied with a sturdy elasticated rubber mounting strap.

The strap detaches from the light and you can rotate it by 90 degrees for alternate positioning.   You simply  strap this around a handlebar or a back seatpost or other frame component and you are ready to go.

When parked up we typically unclip the whole light including strap as the slot mechanism tends to jam up.

A rechargeable battery powers the light and in constant on mode will last for about 2 hours or about 1 hour in "overbright mode".   On eBay beware there are versions with mini USB and micro USB.  I much prefer micro USB not the older and fatter mini USB connector.

What it does not do
This is a very bright LED light.  It does not project much light.  So if you buy a white front light, even in the brightest "overbright" mode it is not enough to ride on a country road at speed and see where you are going.  It would be more than fine to ride in a town with street lights, in fact quite blinding for oncoming motorists, you would need to turn down the brightness (3 levels).

A rear Red Light has no such light issues.  The purpose of a cycling rear is to be seen only, so a very bright LED is all you need, you can use the Red rear light in any cycling condition, on road and even off road.

And the Price
If you follow my eBay search you will notice that a single light can be posted to you from China for less than 5GBP all in.   Yes the light, the USB cable, the bracket and the postage, all  for 5GBP.   (Recall my Knog Blinder was 10 times the price ) 

The light is also available in Europe as the Moon Comet.  I paid about 20 GBP for my first one.  So instead, if you can wait the 2 weeks it will take to post from Hong Kong / China then you can economise.

Let me summarise the advantages of this light

- Firstly the price, it is less than 5 GBP!!

- Secondly the price, I refer you to 5 GBP including shipping!!

- Available as White and Red front and back lights

- Still the most beautiful rear light I own  

- Flashing and non flashing modes

- In constant mode lasts between 1 and 3 hours, in flashing mode, a lot, lot longer

- Waterproof

- Rechargeable battery via mini or micro USB, take care when ordering