Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Almost Vegetarian

It has taken Marcus and Agata quite a few years, but right now in 2017 we are mostly Vegetarian.

The big picture argument is that we are poor cooks and impatient eaters, so convenience and preparation time of food, that we do ourselves  (i.e. we do not buy it in, or have a cook) is important to us.

From a dietary and nutritional viewpoint,  and we would also strongly argue  an ethical standpoint we have moved away from meat products and now eat mostly beans or Lentils.

We try to eat the minimum or processed foods and keep ready meals from the Supermarket to the absolute minimum. Our diet today

- Is energy efficient, i.e. it requires much less Energy to grow the food and uses much less water too

- Provides all the Proteins and nutrients we need without eating meat

- Is unprocessed and raw food

- Is actually quite cheap, meaning, on a bar with Fast Food and Chocolate in terms of cost per calorie.   Have you actually checked the prices of Beans or Lentils in a Supermarket recently?

- Rigged System: In Switzerland particularly (and numerous other countries) the Government has huge subsidies to reduce meat costs.  Who pays for all of this?  Yep, us taxpayers.  Don't eat meat and perpetuate this system.

- Legality: In Switzerland particularly there are strict rules on meat imports  meaning that many people elect to break the law and sneak in shopping via unmanned border crossings.  Not eating meat keeps you legal!

- Burocracy: Government subsidies require huge amounts of administration.  Don't support this contrived and wasted effort.

- After years not months we don't seem to tire of beans based and porridge (oats etc) based food products, and many Ultra Runner athletes advocate low Carb, Bean based diets as a way forward so we are in good company

- Crucially our diet involves the killing of as few sentient animals as possible.   Marcus is even lately trying to migrate to Oatly or equivalent to cut Milk from his diet. [Milk production relies on a Cow who has calved]

I recommend the following 2 videos, which at the very least could set you thinking and hopefully questions what you eat and why.  That is all I would ask, think about it.

Peter Singer: Animal Rights

Singer and Dawkins: Living Ethically, Vegetarianism