Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4398 Deals and Nothing On

Subtitle: Amazon Prime day July 11 2017

Marcus and Agata now live in England.  We have Amazon Prime.  It allows you to order almost anything you can imagine online and have it delivered quickly and often for free.

The Amazon prime day is like Amazons own equivalent of Black Friday.  It is actually more than 24 hours long and takes place over July 10 and July 11 in this year of 2017

For those in Switzerland
In  Switzerland it is pointless to sign up for Amazon Prime, because it redirects you to Amazon Germany.  So signing up would give you the right to free deliveries in Germany, a country you do not live in.   You would get rights to watch Amazon prime video and Amazon music, but that is a small benefit.

Amazon Prime is all about ordering items at inexpensive prices and having them delivery either next day or very soon afterwards.

So dear Swiss friends you will instead have to rely on your Physical shops with their restricted opening hours and matching shops with (usually) mediocre to poor online storefronts.  And don't forget you can't easily return any item in Switzerland be it online or a store purchase.   


Yes, but nothing On
So it is our first year of Amazon Prime, and there is a terribly irony.

We really have <almost> nothing to buy!

I will comment that of the 1000 or so daily article feeds I am sent every day, on July 11th over 100 items were about 'great deals' on Amazon Prime day.  Grrrr.

I mean Agata and Marcus have spent over 1 hour each looking for something

- that we need or that is at least pretty useful
- that has a Prime Day discount
- that is not too expensive  (I mean, I'd love a new McLaren, but even at deep discount it would be a ridiculous overpriced purchase)

Relative Comfort
This is a term I would use to describe the fact that you can reach a level of ownership when more stuff can be just be problematical.  More stuff can mean

- More expense
- A bigger house to put it in
- More things to go wrong
- More things to maintain
- More things to discard in the longerterm

Our Big Purchase Then

We dug deep and decided after much researching that 

an Amazon Echo Dot would be our Prime Day purchase.  Hopefully we can attach a Bluetooth speaker and try it out for new, music and answering questions.  Review to follow :-)

Bruce: 57 Channels

In Summary
More stuff will not necessarily make you happy.   But it is also true to say that a lack of stuff, especially the basics like food, shelter and water,  will make anybody unhappy.

In life one has to think what one can afford for yourself (without handouts), and what one deserves.  It is often a fine balance, but we would argue that Over-consumption is best avoided.