Tuesday, June 06, 2017

WWDC: Turn it up to 11

Verge: Keynote in 19 minutes

With only 4 Apple Computers in our household Marcus and Agata cannot be called fanboys or fangirls.  Indeed Marcus is openly Mac Sceptical.

Above you will find the 19 minute version of the 2 hour plus Apple WWDC conference.  If you really want to see the full show then this year it's just available from the main apple webpage

A lot of Stuttering
All the speakers from Tim to Craig and that Kevin(?) guy seemed to stutter at times.  Presumably then there was some sort of AutoCue issue.  I can't believe everybody was having an off day?  If you have the motivation to watch the 139 minute presentation, you will see what I mean.


00 Apple tvOS
A set of enhancements that no doubt will not transfer quickly or at all to non US customers.  

Amazon is coming to Apple TV, personally my existing Smart TV can see Amazon natively via an app.

01 Apple Watch: watchOS 4

A very un-athletic guy called Kevin (?) spent ages unconvincingly telling me how the Apple Watch would be even better.  They skipped the part about it being useless/mediocre in terms of accuracy or longevity for moderate to serious athletes.  

So with the best will in the world, if the new Apple Watch features actually are of value to you, it basically means that you are not that accomplished an athlete. sic.

02 iMac Pro
Some serious spec bumps to the iMac line including a high end system with upto 18 Cores via Xeon, else it's Kaby Lake

The iMac then remains a capable, slim, and now powerful desktop workstation, that you absolutely cannot upgrade, no not even slightly, so choose the model you need very carefully.

03 Macbooks Macbook Pro
No big changes.  I mean if you bought a Macbook in the last 6 month now you just don't have the fastest machine.  No ports got added etc, no memory capacity got increased :-(

13: non retina non touchbar model is dropped.

MacBook Pro 15

RAM max at 16GB,  still 801.11ac networking

No new ports :-(

Kaby Lake


Macbook Air
Nothing much except speed bump  to 1.8 Ghz

04 macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Safari Autoplay blocking & Security tracking enhancements.

APFS filesystem, previously available to some now to all and for everything.

Multiple incremental improvements for many components  see here

Something happened with VR  (IMHO Yawn)

05 iOS11

Notifications got better it seems

Live photo enhancements

App Switcher and Multitasking App Views, Drag Drop between Apps

Folders i.e. Filesystem View

Apple Pay via iMsg

And more

Techradar best iOS11 features

06 iPad Pro 10.5"
Engadget  https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/05/new-10-5-ipad-pro-vs-9-7-inch-ipad-pro/

120 fps

iPad Pro demo guy was good  (English of course !! :-)

Thought pricing was keen

07 HomePod  350 USD  yikes!!

Available December :-(.  But guess where all the unsold Mac Pro cases got melted into

More of sophisticated Music speaker with a touch of Siri.  Does allow Homekit control and full Siri interaction.  Contains an Apple A8 CPU.

The Verge: Homepod

TechRadar http://www.techradar.com/news/apple-homepod-first-look

Missing in Action
Nothing happened to the Mac Mini

Nothing on iPhone but nobody expected it here

Quick Cheeky Comparison
When you like Apple it is sometimes so easy to get caught up in the Apple promoted idea that they are the best and most advanced with just everything.  And when you Love Apple, well you often cannot imagine anything else.

So to close, I'll just compare the workstation Marcus finished building for us in December 2016, verses the new Apple iMac Pro, their biggest and most expensive version

Max Memory:  128GB installed upto 2048GB possible, vs  Apple 128GB

Typical Screen:  3 x 4K Screens installed, can do 4,  vs Apple upto 3 x 4K?

CPU:   36 Cores,  Apple 18 Cores

GPU: Installed GTX 1050 x1 4GB,  Apple Radeon Vega 16GB

SSD: Upto 8x2TB Samsung 2GB/sec,  vs Apple upto 4TB SSD

Net:  2x10Gbe + 6xGbe, vs 1 x 10Gbe

I could go on,  suffice to say that the Apple best of the best config seems to lag my personal workstation build by 12 months. And if in December 2017 I want to upgrade, say the CPU, or maybe the Graphics card, or install 3 Graphics cards, well I just can.  For the iMac Pro 2017 user, maybe wait until December 2018 and well just buy a completely new machine, expensive, not Environmentally friendly, but just great for the Apple share price.

Still,  despite my criticisms Apple did launch a comprehensive set of Hardware and Software updates today, if you are an IT professional I would hope you would have time to watch the full 139 minute presentation, in full to have your own opinion


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