Thursday, June 29, 2017

Waiting for it

Whilst I am about to argue that "Waiting for it" is classic IT wisdom it is a principle that can apply to many disciplines.

In Ostentatious 2017 there continues to be a tendency to be seen with the latest thing.   It is often the latest technology, or wearing the latest Shoes,  or reporting on the latest FAD.

To this Marcus says:

Can't you just wait a little.

Certainly in the world of technology there are droves of people using beta versions of Apple's iOS or Google's Android on their daily phones, just to be able to say 'they are using the latest thing'.

And even when a supposedly stable production release is made, well, things can still go wrong.   Here is one example from April 2017

Fingerprint Sensor Unusable

Marcus is now on Android 7.1.2 having first used it on the Test Phone and then when it worked fine moved it to Production.  (NB: My test phone is the Nexus 5X that Digitec told me was water damaged.  Since I fixed it by reconnecting the power supply wire, it is still working 8 months later and I now own a spare phone. )

IMHO then

01 Always have a Backup

02 Never Use Beta Software on a Production Machine

03 Did you run it in your Test Environment?

04 Let Others Try it First

05 Can't you just wait a little :-)