Saturday, June 10, 2017

The UK goes Bananas

Theresa May: Strong Relationship

If you live in the UK or are British you will have been interested to some degree in the June 8th General Election and it's rather surprising and most would say disasterous result.

An IT friend commented and I agree...

An object lesson in how to take a delicate important situation and totally balls it up. These people should think of running a large IT company, they'd excel at it.

Surprise Financials

Despite an initial weakening considering the calamity of the situation the GBP  (Great British Pound) has recovered more than Marcus could have believed imaginable.

To me the unbelievable bravado of Financial Markets can only be outshone by the diabolical and catastrophic mid term consequences of leaving the EC.

Given that I firmly believe the majority of the UK public now regards BREXIT as a mistake I am saddened that no party except the Greens made a manifesto commitment to staying in the EC.  This would have taken balls, and instead all we are left with now is a total  'balls up'.

May and Clinton

Much of the UK press has determined that the (Socialist) Labour party gains are due to Jeremy Corbyn's improved performance and image.

I think this is wrong.  So very wrong.  The primary reason that Donald Trump was elected was that people would not vote for Hilary Clinton.  And likewise, Theresa May is not a convincing personality, and I don't think the British people believe she is upto the job of negotiating a strong BREXIT for the UK.  So they voted for anybody else but her, mainly Labour it seems.

cf Nigel Farage, May is finished.

At times like this I can only fall back to BBC Radio 4, and it's Comedy genre.  Here is the news Quiz from Friday June 9th. Some memorable lines not to be missed

News Quiz June 9th

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