Friday, June 09, 2017

The Importance of Relaxation and Mumbo Jumbo

I have this Friend
So really, I have this friend,  who I am still waiting to visit me.   They recently explained to that they might be passing our house soon, on the way to visit somebody else, so it could be convenient to pop in, though they were not promising anything.

I said:  It would be preferable, if our new home was the target of your visit,  not a step along the way to 'something more important'.

Indeed it has been almost one year now, and my friend has not met me, despite numerous occasions that have been offered in advance.

Busy Saving the World

Supertramp: Raining Again

Like our friend, Marcus and Agata are always trying to build a better world, for other people.  But there are limits to being generous respectful and helpful.

At one extreme you could do nothing to help anybody but yourself.

At the other; you could spend every waking hour and all your finances helping others at the expense of your health & your family. You might not visit friends :-)  You can even research this and similar Utilitarian viewpoints, for example that it is the right thing to do to kill yourself and donate your organs to help save multiple people  (research Utilitarianism and Consequentialism).

Once you face upto the prospect that even giving 100% of your time, money and effort will not be enough, most people, who actually care, back off to a sensibly balanced level

It includes

- Taking time off for yourself

- Having a Holiday

- Pursuing a Hobby or Past-time which has no practical application other than to make you feel good

- Sitting around and doing nothing, just chillin

- Sitting around and reading a book, or Surfing as we call it in the Internet generation

Supporting Mumbo Jumbo
In this connection there is a proud liberal English tradition of supporting /Mumbo Jumbo/. Also available a plenty here in Switzerland.

I enclose a page from the local Swiss paper above.  A variety of spiritual and predictive services are offered.   And I think they are just fine

- Assuming you participate in them for fun

- It means that you realise that it is basically all made up

- Don't make any important life decisions based on their advice

- I'd like to include Religion into this Category.  Unfortunately many people are actually under the spell that their Religion, (cf  everybody else's fake Religion) is quite valid.  Ho Hum.

In Western Europe we have a proud tradition of support and tolerating  benign  Mumbo Jumbo, and if it helps us relax and smile, knowing it's made up context, then long may it continue.

In Summary

If you never relax, and take time out for yourself, your life will soon or later become miserable.

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