Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Switzerland: Last Swim

The clock is ticking and it's about 24 hours before we leave Switzerland for a new home, and to return, well who knows.

In honour of one of the best reasons to never leave Lausanne Switzerland,  I am talking about Pully Plage Swimming pool we made plans for a last visit.

As usual it began to be complicated, because well we don't have a car in Switzerland any more.

But we have 2 fantastic scooters.  Trouble is that the weather is 25 degrees plus, making scootering even on the flat hot work

Maybe it is a portent of things to come, but Marcus' new cashpoint card wont let you withdraw money less than 20 CHF.   Yes Switzerland is affluent

We just made it to our local bank for the last time.  They had some nice property suggestions for clients.  Namely 2 properties, starting at 15M CHF.   Indeed Lausanne is a wealthy kind of area.

And so at last to that wonderful Swimming Pool.   Pully Plage!  We will not forget you & feel the your charming inviting us back to Lausanne, but when?