Monday, June 12, 2017

Switzerland: Last Hike

We are indebted to our friends Sandra, Margaret and Paulina for making our last hike in Switzerland a memorable one.

In less than 48 hours we will leave Switzerland, but given the 25 to 30 degree weather that is the summer here this year, we felt the call of the nearby mountains and could not resist one last hike.

We planned a hike from a Moleson village which is near the cheese town of Gruyeres upto a local peak.

Going Up

Coming Down

As the above statistics show we took it very easy, choosing to walk not run the course.

Our team is Margaret, Paulina, Sandra and Agata

 I am happy to report that these cows were clean.  I mean Swiss clean.  Possibly tourist cows :-)

 Some traditional Swiss horn blowing.

 When you take it easy there are lots of smiles

Views and Wildlife


Arrival to the summit, the cable car station, the thing that old people use; is behind us

Some pretty damn fantastic views.  Switzerland, we are really going to miss this!

Not just views but plenty of aerial action too

 Do you think we can agree a route down?

 Almost back to the start, just time out for a Butterfly stop

It is about 20.00 and we are back home.

A great day, made possible by beautiful Swiss scenery and wonderful friends.  We are going to miss everything terribly.

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