Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Sermon: Living with the Amish

This Sunday's focus / sermon is a pretty big ask.  But I think you will be the richer for it.

I'm going to ask you to watch 6 videos of .75 hours each, so about 4.5 hours in total; on the subject of the Amish.

As a student of Religion, well something I typically spend at least an hour on daily,  the Amish sect of traditional Christianity has always seemed fascinating to me.   

For an overview of Amish consult Wikipedia here

Many documentaries that I have studied concentrate on the clash between the Amish and more liberal Western American society. They describe the frequent conflict and tough choices that Amish teenagers must face in this modern world.

In essence many Amish teens have to decide whether to stay within the community or take a very difficult decision to leave.  Difficult because shunning follows so when you leave you really are on your own, cut off from all your family and the majority of childhood friends.

But that is an aside.

The 6 part documentary "Living with the Amish" approaches the Amish from a different perspective.  That of 6 young British people, spending 6 weeks in the USA, each week in a different Amish environment.

So Again
Although the videos I list below are in absolutely appalling technical quality, the sound is good and the documentary will hopefully raise thoughts about your own lifestyle and choices rather as it is portrayed to the British teenagers who form the core of this documentary.

I'd certainly rate the 4.5 hours you will spend a much more thought provoking experience than say watching 2 episodes of Fast and Furious.  And you will recall from a previous post that I recently suffered  sat through all 8 episodes

01 Living with the Amish

02 Living with the Amish

03 Living with the Amish

04 Living with the Amish

05 Living with the Amish

06 Living with the Amish

Marcus and Agata would like to say thank you to our wonderful friend Sandra for pointing out this series to us.  To us it is this sort of thoughtfulness that is our type of family :-)