Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Solar Urticaria

Subtitle: Marcus wimps out

If you have followed Marcus and Agata's efforts at exercise and Athletics you will have noticed that without exception Marcus is always fully covered.

Yes, no shorts or T shirts for Marcus.

Today in England it is a stonking 33 degrees C and this has been the case for 2 days already, with similar unusually hot weather predicted for this whole week here in Warwickshire UK.

So on the Monday morning Cycling training run, long trousers and a long sleeved cycling top was the standard.

Because experience has shown that direct exposure of arms, legs or torso direct sunlight for just a few hours bring up large rashes and bumps with aggravated itching.

The 30K ride was 'blisteringly hot' but fully clothed, I only got sweaty not bumpy and rashy.  Marcus' condition seems to be similar to that of somebody with  Solar Urticaria

Sunlight Allergy

So I want to throw out a message to other Athletes, who during sunny weather can cool down more than Marcus, in Shorts and other suitable clothing for 15 degrees C plus weather.   If I could wear the clothing that you take for granted then I really would,  instead I try to smile  [and sweat] along in long sleeves.

Envy you,  yes I do, really.