Friday, June 02, 2017


Marcus is an extreme critic of Religious Festivals, however if you insist on a day off then you might as well pick the correct one.

And so I'm proud to report that Switzerland as say compared to England does it right

Thursday May 25th was a holiday for Ascension Day

This does rather make you wonder what employers and workers should do for Friday.

The answer in this part of Switzerland is that most people take it as Holiday meaning that Thursday to Sunday is a 4 day break.  And this includes the rubbish collection.

The Unselfish thing to Do
So, for two working days, Thursday and Friday there will be no rubbish collection.   And perhaps if you holiday at home you might generate more rubbish.

So, if you get to the rubbish bins and they are full, perhaps backtrack home with your rubbish bags and put them out next week.

Indeed that is what Marcus and Agata have had to do, and finally on Tuesday May 30th when the bins are emptied we took our paper recycling,  cans recycling, food recycling and general waste to the now empty bins.

But Previously

 Yes, the selfish wankers shown here dumping general waste including PET into the cans waste.  In our canton of Switzerland PET bottles must be returned to a Supermarket, they must not be placed in any household waste.  This is to promote sensible PET bottle usage, you buy PET, you have to take it back to the Supermarket.  Unless you are selfish of course.

We did a little walk around to the neighbouring area.  Yes, why not dump your waste just everywhere

One gust of wind and it will be all over the street, then the refuse cleaners will have a big cleanup job on their hands.   So selfish.

Even in perfect Switzerland, sometimes behaviour and practices are not perfect.   Selfishness rules in the most unexpected places and it makes us sad.

Elsewhere on the planet this has happened