Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ragley Hall Swimming

Swimming in the UK
You can say that Marcus and Agata have been spoilt, but we have come from the fantastic Pully Pool in Lausanne Switzerland to England, a country where due to the climate, Open Water swimming is not really practical, and 50 metre indoor pools are as rare as catching a Golden Snitch

However, we have found out about Open Water swimming at the nearby stately home called Ragley Hall

Getting There

We are a mere 5Km from Ragley Hall so we used leg power to walk there and back.

 Apart from the odd large road, that we have to cross ...

the walk in the countryside is rather pleasant.

What you Get
So on Tuesday night 18.00 to 20.30 or on Sunday morning the Ragley Hall lake is open for swimming.

It costs 6 GBP per person for the swim and unless it is too hot you are advised to wear a wetsuit.  In exceptionally hot situations e.g. last week you are not allowed a wetsuit and must just use Swimming Trunks or a Triathlon suit.

The lake has a 750 metre swim course marked out and there are safety monitors on Stand Up Paddles monitoring the situation in case of any emergency.

How Does it Work

- You join this facebook Group for Ragley Hall Swimming

- You register with  and receive your electronic band / bracelet   You can't swim without it

- When you arrive you must buy a token which you hand over before entering the water.  It is 6 GBP per person , per swim.  Members of the Evesham triathlon club, who actually organise the event, get a discount.

- As you enter the water your bracelet is scanned and when you get out it's scanned again, so they can tell how long you swam for  (but not the distance obviously)

- There are men's and women's changing rooms but no showers.  Most people arrive by car, change into a Wetsuit by the lake  (not in the changing rooms) and swim

Overall Then
 The 750 metre course is well marked with buoys

 Over 100 people swim within the 2.5 hour slot.  That is a lot!

Marcus and Agata really enjoyed it.

Part of the skill involves dodging the vast amount of bird poo.  You get used to it.

Back home, it is important to wash the Wet Suit.

Tonight Agata being much tougher than her delicate husband only had to wash her Swimsuit.   No wetsuit needed for her!

Weather and schedule permitting we will be a regular visitors to the  Ragley Hall swim.   This is about as good as it gets in England! Really recommended.