Monday, June 19, 2017

OCD Carpet Fitters: Don't Hire Us

Part of the move to England involves relocating our substantial sports equipment collection.

Most athletes will tell you that the right quantity of anything, be it Scooters, Wetsuits, surf boards, skates is (n+1), where n is the number you currently possess :-)

For the last 2 years, and I am not kidding, we have forcefully restricted our purchases.  To basically zero.  It was hopped the attrition of constant daily exercise might make some items actually wear out, therefore they could be discarded sans guilt and not relocated to England.

But there is still substantial goods and it has now all been self moved from Switzerland.  Really a considerable effort.

For the time being the above Container is the new Athelete equipment home.

It is No Cave

This is certainly not a climate controlled, secure basement cave that we have been used to in Switzerland.   But it is  dry, secure, and whilst there is currently no Electricity,  it is ours for now.

Hobbling & Hot

Post Maverick Race,  Marcus has a blister so painful he can barely walk and today it is 33 degrees C in the shade.  Nevertheless it is time to renovate the container

- We removed the Crap

- Marcus strimmed a path to the container

- We oiled the locks

- We researched on the Internet Industrial carpeting, and ordered it

- We bought double sided Carpet adhesive tape

- We continued cleaning and cleaning and cleaning

- We remove nails and other unsafe obstructions on walls and floor

On Sunday afternoon it was finally time to carpet

Here you see Agata obsessively cutting the industrial Astro turf flooring just right so we can make a professional floor.    Ah, sometimes perfectionism and OCD really have a place in this world.

It was then time to slowly carry several hundred Kg of Sports Equipment from the current location, in the blazing Sunshine to its new home.

We finished stage#1 at about 21.00 Sunday night.  Absolutely exhausted.  To be continued!