Monday, June 26, 2017

Not IRL: Glastonbury 2017

Subtitle:  The Music Festival in ALL its Glory

Although we have never visited the UK Music festival of Glastonbury in England we state for the record that in the future we may never choose to do so

You see

The 2017 BBC Glastonbury Coverage is just

Bloody Incredible.

I would actually like to use even stronger language, but hey this is a public platform.

Basically in 2017, the BBC Live Coverage, also available for 30 days after broadcast on the iPlayer is so frikkin good, do you really want to go there in Person

IRL  (In Real Life)

The highs and lows of attending any large UK music festival are well known.  But for a multi day event like Glastonbury there are additional factors that don't surface in quite the same way as for a daily like BST in Hyde Park

- Getting a ticket

- The Potentially awful weather

- Safety concerns  (stuff getting stolen)

- Living in a tent

- Sanitation and finding a toilet

- Too many (other) people

- Too much to see in too little time  (multiple stages and you can only be at one!)

The Solution

For Marcus and Agata in 2017, even though we are now in England, and also have the time, and probably the money, and even though 2017 Glasto has fantastic weather well.....

BBC coverage is nothing sort of amazing

+ You can watch it live on Broadcast television (some of the time)

+ It's available as a BBC live stream continuously

+ The quality is just frikking incredible.    The baseline transmission is only about 250KB/sec but somehow when broadcast onto our upscaling TV it looked like broadcast quality.  (Not sure how, but it is a Samsung Quantum? and it looks much more highress than any of my Computer displays)

+ The BBC website allows you to jump back to all events back in time from 2017, i..e it not just live coverage.  There are multiple full video sets available.  Astonishing.

Glastonbury 2017