Sunday, June 18, 2017

Maverick Run Gloucestershire 2017

Subtitle: Marcus takes a Shortcut :-(

A report on the 24Km Innov sponsered Maveric run near Sudley Castle from June 17th in England!

 Although Marcus and Agata are quite exhausted from the last stages of our move from Switzerland to England, something that has been months if not years in planning (and finished but some days ago, ) it was already time to put best foot forward for our first trail race in England for years.

 As good planners we arrived a day early to a nearby campsite (Hayles Fruit Farm ) a day early and the challenge therefore was not to eat and drink too much the night before :-)

Day of the Race
We had some help from Jenny and Alana, meanwhile Julie is running too.

 Marcus had a last minute look at the route, though this should not be necessary because I have a GPS route loaded onto my new watch.   However as we will see, things did not totally go to plan :-(

Marcus Race Report

A mixed up race as follows:  We really had been busy moving house all week so absolutely no running preparations were made.  Marcus thought the run was going to be trivial however in the 33 degree plus heat it was most definitely not.

The first 5Km of race we were 'stuck in traffic' as all the distances of the race from 7km to 24Km got stuck at 3 turnstiles.   Starting from the back of the race was definitely not a good idea.  It sort of works when you slowly want to run past the field of others and there are no obstructions. However in the case where the front runners don't get stuck at 3 turnstiles and you do, it is rather difficult to catch up.

 Navigation proceeded smoothly until about Km 16.

 I had just past the last split for the 2 shorter races and saw up ahead a whole stream of other runners.  Time to catch up I thought.

In so doing I stupidly followed the runners in front and then my GPS watch showed me that the remaining distance started to increase.  So I stopped and ran back up a steep hill 100m to check with the next competitor.  She said it was straight ahead and she stopped a nearby driver who confirmed it.

So I continued.   It turns out the wrong way :-(   At least 6 people went this way and it cut about 3.5 km from the course.   So Marcus finished in about 2 hours,  when it should have been about 2 hours and 20 mins or less.   Hmmm.   I was gutted.

This was the first time I had used a Garmin route on my new watch, next time I will trust it and not the other runners,  or the farmer who gave the wrong instructions.  So sorry to cheat on the distance :-(

Meanwhile of course, Smartypants Agata got the route right and finished in about 2 hours 40.

Agata finishing here

It is All over!

There was Maverick Beer

And a combined Medal and Bottle opener.  Nice.

Given the 33 degree plus heat, Agata had to take a nap

 Julie streadfastly sat thru one of the worlds least therapeutic massages,  ever.

The Weather

Can I explain that it was 33 degrees C in the shade.  This is ridiculous weather for England.  Too flippin hot.  If we had wanted this sort of nonsense,  Agata and Marcus would have stayed in Switzerland,  where I might say we had an air conditioner in the house.

That Blister Then

Seen here Marcus' Salomon SLAB Sense 3 soft ground shoes.   Ultra light shoes,  front (not heel strike) design, thin & so great for narrow tracks.  One small problem

 For any run over 8Km  the fold on the left side of the shoe reliably causes a huge blister.

Since this was a training race for a much (much) longer distance one only some weeks away, Marcus needs to urgently retire these shoes and buy and test something that is not going to shred his feet to ribbons !

Goodnight to All

Post race, the pre race Alcohol ban was lifted.  We celebrated indeed.

Thanks to Kathy, Jenny, Alana, Julie, Archie and Henry for making this a wonderful weekend.

Sudley Castle Maveric Run