Saturday, June 03, 2017

Make This Planet Great Again

Make our Planet Great Again

The Marcus response to the sad yet predictable Political decisions of the week is as follows

- Climate Change is real, all major Scientists agree

- The Paris Accord, is a set of commitments made by Nations on an individual basis.  There is no linkage between countries.  Each country signed up to an Individual commitment.  And hence the withdrawal of any one Nation, regrettable as it is does not change the remaining participants path or requirements.

- Wikipedia Page

- To Marcus the 2 key factors for Co2 production are

a) Population
b) Co2 utilisation per person  / capita

- I condemn countries who encourage population growth beyond the capability of their own country to support their citizens at a level substantially above that of Poverty and Subsistence.

- I despise the viewpoint [often religiously framed  (Gen 1:28) ] that suppose humans have the right to do whatever they like with the planet and its animals   (man has dominion ....)

IMHO it is both a Government and an individual family responsibility to keep both population and consumption mindful.

In terms an idiot can understand: Carbon Footprint depends on the number of footprints and the Carbon emission per footprint.

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