Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Internet Barely

Subtitle: Reliant, Dependent but not Obsessed.

We are still in the middle of our intrepid House move.  So far it is looking pretty desperate.   The above represents our Emergency, String and Cans Internet connection.

By our standards of 2017 quite utterly pathetic.  To put this in context

Marcus' personal Internet consumption on his phone yesterday pushed past 1GB.  This was Audio downloads only.  I did an awful lot of driving.

Imagine if I was at home relaxing with the Internet TV feed at HD or 4K resolution, or home working with a 4K conference call.

It was Actually Worse!
 Actually on arrival to our New Home things were actually even worse.   The first step was to get out Marcus' reliable and now quite elderly Lenovo U430 Laptop.   Complete with an Ethernet Socket and IEEE AC networking

We had been sent a Zyxel, ADSL and VDSL2 router as an emergency connection mechanism.  Now if only there was a working phone line.  But no.

Fluff It
The low point in the last 24 hours was when one of us was heard to shout:  F***it,  the Internet is down, I can't get the Central Heating started.

So Marcus and Agata, with some IT ingenuity, a Raspberry Pi, a few aerials, some what not,  are limping along.

We need a sympathy hug.