Saturday, June 17, 2017

Google Chromecast Audio

Subtitle: Still sounding good with JBL Creature II

So, Marcus and Agata bought this JBL Creature II mains powered speaker in 2005 no less.

It is still working 12 years later.  During that time it came from Manufacturing in China, to our home in London, then jumped to Prilly in Switzerland, spent a further 10 years in Lausanne Switzerland and now back to England.

I suppose the thing with Speakers is that if they continue to work well, why change?

Why Change?
Today most of our Audio is streamed via the Internet and so one way is to buy a Wifi, BlueTooth  or natively Chromecast enabled Speaker.

Or instead the Chromecast Audio.

- It is 30GBP including Postage from Google UK

- The Chromecast Audio will make a Wifi link from your source device, e.g. Android Smartphone, and output a signal via the supplied stereo 3.5mm cable to the input of your wired speakers.

- In our case the  JBL Creature II

- In general therefore you can choose the best and perhaps superior wired speaker for you and are not limited to a Bluetooth/ Wifi enabled one.

- In 2017 the setup is via the Google Home application

Off Topic
In our new home we have an Internet connectivity problem and the only freely available Internet is via the Smartphone.  So I am delighted to comment that of course Chromecast Audio does not use any Internet itself.   (Unlike Chromecast for TV's which of course does).

Chromecast Audio just receives a sound stream that it is sent from another compatible device over the WiFi Intranet link, which can be 2.4 or 5Ghz.

As it stands then; I can stream BBC Radio 4  (what else !) from my Smartphone to the Chromecast Audio without penalty.

The IT Rule
2 Simple Rules when performing any sort of IT task:
a) Never put the computer case back on 
b) Never attach the Velcro wire tidies
until the solution is working and burnt in.  So the above wiring mess will be resident for the next few days at least :-)

Overall,  Chromecast Audio,   is a great deal and really recommended.

Chromecast Audio Specs