Friday, June 23, 2017

DeWalt DCM561 Strimmer

So to cut to the chase: we only own this DeWalt electric strimmer because some Internet research found that it uses the same Lithium Ion batteries as our new DeWalt Power tool!

You can buy this unit without any battery, for extremely low cost therefore you then have a working strimmer that can use the battery pair from the other tool.

It's a winner!

DeWalt power tools can come with larger batteries and indeed this would extend strimmer on time, which is very short.  However the good news is that we have 2 modest batteries for the electric power tool/ drill so one can be charging whilst the other is in use.

 Strimming is such fun both Marcus and Agata are happy to try it

Overall then

- DCM561 is an electric strimmer
- No annoying fluids to fill or Petrol engine which is noisy, smelly and needs maintenance eventually

- DCM651 can be sold without battery so in our case we use those from our power tool
- Run time is only about 10 minutes per tiny battery, but that seems to be enough for our use.   Larger batteries can be purchased, but boy they are expensive.
- Like most decent strimmers there is an auto cutting cord extension underneath so tapping the revolving head on the ground whilst spinning extends the cutting cord.

How to fit the Stimmer Guard