Saturday, June 24, 2017

Buy One, RetireTwo

Subtitle: Life/ Stuff/ Possession simplification continues

Oh No you Didn't
Friends will know that Marcus and Agata recently made an agonising move from Lausanne Switzerland to Warwickshire England.

Before moving, in fact for a period of over 1 year we went through a:

Please don't buy anything you really don't need

pre-move strategy.  Since we wanted to limit what we would eventually move, and that we absolutely hate duplication and excess  (though of course backups are not only required but expected)

So the absolute worst is:

- You pack lots of stuff
- You painstakingly move it, little by little to England
- When in England you realise some items are in excess, obsolete, so you have to dispose of them now, not earlier


And So
So above Marcus has: The trail shoes I have been saving, so I will use them instead of buying a replacement pair

On the right the 3 set of shoes (2 Marcus and 1 Agata) marked for the recycling Centre.

New Rule: Buy One, Retire Two
So the new (sub) rule is

- Buy one new thing, and discard 2 Worn out  things, example Trail running shoes
- But ideally,  don't buy anything until the old excessive numbers of your old things, example shoes, wears out.

Our continued mantra for life in 2017, no just when we are moving house is:
Simplify Your Life

Reduce the Number of your Possessions

Don't be led by Fashion or Fad

This leads to a less stressed, lower cost, more environmentally friendly form of living.  It is a happier way to be.