Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 11 PSU

The biggest mistake that System Integrators make when buying a new Power Supply for their system is over specifying it.

As you can see above the Be Quiet range goes from 550W to 1200W with suitably different price points.

For Marcus' new workstation with 2 100W+ Processors,  substantial memory, a powerful Nvidia Graphics card I calculated that I would not be using over 600 Watts of Power.

And so the choice of the 850 Be Quiet PSU seemed like a conservative bet.


Marcus did make passing reference yesterday to his new Workstation computer which was official built by December 2016. 

 The server was then subjected to over a month or burn in / twiddling optimisation.   And during that time the older Coolermaster 1000Watt plus PSU from the old server failed :-(

Being a modular PC, made from Industry standard components a PC Power Supply swap is trivial.  Compare this to any Apple Desktop computer or many All in One Computers whose specialist Power Supply will require you to take your computer back to the Company Specific service Centre.

 For the money a nice, but not over the top box and packaging

 Big 135mm slow rotating, multiply regulated fan == Quiet

 A modular connector Power Supply has a fixed cable for the Motherboard only.  All the other peripheral cables plug in as required.  So you have the minimum cable clutter inside your computer with unused cables staying in the box and not dangling unused from the Power Supply.

 My initial stupidity did not connect the 2 additional dedicated Power Supplies to the Nvidia high performance Graphics card.  A power off and recabling later, all is well

A further 1.5 months of testing followed before I was happy to finally cut over to the new server.  This is without doubt and somewhat ironically the fastest computer I have ever owned, built in absolutely the slowest time :-)

Some Specs

  • 80PLUS® Platinum certification and up to 94% power conversion efficiency
  • Virtually inaudible operation thanks to a broad array of optimizations, including the use of a be quiet! SilentWings® 3 135mm fan
  • SilentWings® 3 fan features an advanced fan frame, an airflow-optimized fan blade, fluid-dynamic bearing with copper core and a high-quality 6-pole motor for less vibration
  • The funnel-shaped fan opening of the PSU case is significant big and allows high airflow intake
  • 1200 Watts of continuous power provide intensive power reserves for demanding computing applications
  • Overclocking key allows switchover between quadruple independent 12V-rail mode and high-performance single-rail operation
  • NVIDIA SLI Ready and AMD CrossFireX certifications allow you to build powerful Multi-GPU systems with confidence
  • Cable management with extra long cable reach simplifies component installation and reduces annoying clutter, increasing airflow and improving cooling in even the largest PC cases
  • Product conception, design and quality control in Germany
Energy Efficiency
  • 80PLUS® Platinum certification with up to 94% efficiency
  • Saving power means saving money, but it also mean less waste heat, less cooling required, and overall quieter operation
  • Standby drain less than 0.10Watts
  • Meets Energy Star 6.0 guidelines
  • Fulfills the ErP 2014 guidelines
  • Zero Load design supports Intel’s Deep Power Down C6 and C7 modes
Virtually Inaudible Operation
  • Installed SilentWings® 3 135mm fan includes a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for best-of-class airflow with very low noise production, including:
    • Unique airflow-optimized fan blade design reduces noise-generating fan turbulence
    • Advanced fluid-dynamic bearing with copper core provides for greatly reduced operating noise and super-long life
    • 6-pole fan motor smoothes operation even at very low speeds
    • High quality IC motor controller reduces electrical noise
  • PSU case has a large funnel-shaped fan opening that facilitates high airflow intake
  • SilentWings® 3 fan is decoupled from the PSU body with special rubberized ring mount, reducing transmission of vibration and noise
  • Dual-layer PSU housing with rubberized sleeve isolates your chassis from PSU noise and vibration, further enhancing silence
  • Optimized PSU airflow generates superior cooling at lower fan speeds, reducing turbulence and allowing even quieter operation
  • Variable fan speed is optimally governed to strike the best balance between proper cooling and deep quietness
  • Up to four case fans can be connected to, and regulated by the PSU, thus reducing overall system noise even furthe

Final Thoughts

- Calculate how much power your Computer will use peak and buy a PSU that can comfortably meet it.  No need to over spec

- Be Quiet PSU have a reputation for Quality and Quietness.  I like Quiet. And German Quality Engineering.

- The 850W PSU costs about 200GBP from overclockers.