Thursday, June 08, 2017

A tale of 2 showers

You can tell a lot about Marcus and Agata when we talk of elementary things like Showers.  So without further ado let us begin.

In our previous apartment in Lausanne Switzerland we had the above shower.  In fact we installed the shower door / glass ourselves.  Why?   Well the building company offered us a shower for several thousand francs for their version, whilst we sourced our own, and after some technical and logistical struggles installed it for about 1000 CHF   (800 GBP).  

I know the price still seems astronomical, but as they say, this is Switzerland.

Although the shower door unit was simply, basically a glass frame, with 2 hinges and a large door, with some sealing rubbers over time there has been some deterioration.

Shower units are often chromed plastic and chromed metal and over time the chrome is eroded.  It just happens.

Any component of a shower with moving parts, especially sliding doors  gets really grotty over time

No Moving Glass

So with a small drum roll, this is the new design.   It's a single sheet of glass, long enough so that when the water is on and bouncing off the glass, you or the floor there is not much of an escape to the rest of the room

The shower tray is hidden underneath a tiled floor with a rustproof panel to allow water drainage

The floor is angled so that water goes towards this drain!

There is a fixed and also a flexible hose, standard dimensions, so easily replaceable allowing maximum flexibility whilst showering.

Standards mean we can easily fit enhancements like this Amphiro water meter more easily.

And, as shown in the top photograph this serves as a place to stage our Wetsuits after a swim

So what is the Point?

As Engineers we like

- Good Design

- We like Simple Designs, here for example no moving parts, if they can be functionally the equivalent of a more traditional design

- We like standard parts, so that when things fail or get tired then can be more easily replaced.

Part of our philosophy for life.    What are some of yours?