Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why Donald Trump Fired The FBI Director

Trevor Noah: James Comey was fired

In the interest of balance I tried to find a balance of non Governmental opinions indicating that the Trump firing Comey was a good idea,  but Fox News aside it's pretty thin on the ground.

The Two Official Statements

And yes, in 2017 we have to acknowledge for better or far worse,  Trump tweets are official statements.

Google Search Comey Firing Coverage

Some of the headings brought up by the Google Search on May 10th, 20.00 CET

I would remind everybody that the definition of Fake News is NOT: News that you personally do not agree with, just in case somebody would like to attach this trite label to this posting.

Who Wins?

I'll try to be open and since I don't live in the USA my country will not face the direct political or security consequences of this action. I am therefore impartial, unlike the majority of American Citizens living in the USA.

- Comey's  untimely revelations about Hilary Clinton and re-opening of an investigation against her hurt the Democratic campaign badly.

- Based on that he [Comey] helped Trump get elected big time, and numerous quotes/tweets from Trump himself support that meme.

- Every report I read on the manner on which this Dismissal was made,  rates the procedure as Disgraceful.  Please Google for yourself how Comey was informed.

- This is the most 'pro Trump decision ' video I could find.  According to this, Trump had no choice but to fire Comey.

- Then Quartz reported this

Let's finish with the official briefing

White House Press Briefing Comey

These briefings continue to show me the power of the English Language to state the obvious, and also to state nothing, and to do it verbosely.

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