Monday, May 08, 2017

Vevey Lavaux UP 2017

It was that time again, that of Vevey Lavaux UP, basically a day where the lake road from Lausanne to Vevey is closed for road traffic and you are encouraged to cycle, run, walk or in some traverse the root.

And the Weather?

Despite a scorching 19 degrees C last Friday here in Lausanne Switzerland the weekend weather was not only colder at 14 degrees or lower, but fairly constant fog/rain/bad conditions have prevailed.

So why should we or anybody bother to make a day of it?

Multiple Reasons
This will be our last Lavaux UP event since we shortly exit Switzerland for, well how long we do not know.  But even so we think it's important to try and support the local events.

It is mildly sporty and encourages people of all ages to get out and walk along the lake, or even scooter, run, cycle, electric cycle.  Most non car or motorbike techniques are allowed and encouraged.

To us despite the grumpy weather, we thought if we could find a moderately dry time slot then we could make it our daily exercise candidate for this Sunday May 7.

We parked the car a long way away.  By the time we had run to checkpoint 8 we had covered over 5Km or running, quite a lot downhill, and we know what that means on the return :-(

The Lake views even on an overcast day are still pretty stunning

The local police were there and this gave us an idea

Yes, the happy Balloon couple was born

Not so easy this balloon photography

Tandem Bicycles were represented

Marcus tries 2 balloon power

Lausanne has a network or drinkable water fountains.  This is perfect for runners and avoids us having to carry water bottles.

18Km later we finished.  A good day out by the lake, with smiles, great views,  the company of each other and other local residents.   Good times.

Vevey Lavaux UP