Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Verbier Running

Behind every great Boxer is a good trainer and a good sparring partner.

And accordingly Agata and Marcus maintain a free to friends, we can take you for a long run or cycle service.  In the process we will try to exhaust you.  It works like this.

We'll make a route for you, in this case the end of the race, onto our GPS smartwatches
You turn up and think, these two, surely I'm going to leave them in the dust
We just keep going
You then think "Must train harder"

And so Heather invited us to Verbier where she will be attempting the Trail Verbier St Bernard.  Now both Marcus and Agata have run this already whereas Heather has not so we had the psychological advantage.

We arrived to Verbier in the Heather Mad Max mobile as I would name it.   It's a Hybrid vehicle, but given the thing is large, as aerodynamic as a brick, has a loud wind dragging roof rack, weighs a lot, well the Hybrid technology can only offset so much right?

(Note to everybody: A small light car will always be more economical.  It's just Physics)

Verbier is very posh and to show you what I mean, this is the toilet in the car park.  Really posh, and of course spotless.

 We begged Heather to come equipped with her Verbier race rucksack.  Marcus and Agata will do a 100Km plus race in England presently.  We came with our preferred Race sacks.   Heather has yet to buy her.   Come on H!  Preparation next time :-)

 It was over 20 degrees.  Whilst there is snow in the background it is disappearing fast.

 The obligatory Marcus and Agata smiling photograph.  Why, because we are of course blissfully happy in each others company.  That is how it should be in a relationship, right?

 We came to a large station.  All the lifts were closed.  Very unusual.  Must be a Half term glitch or something.  Why?  Because don't forget in the summer season all the lifts are open to hikers.  In fact, many resorts earn as much in the Summer season as they do for the Winter Snow.  Today though, all is closed.

 Not too bad a view, eh?

Heather is a good runner, she is going to blitz the run in early July

As ever, Marcus and Agata had a wonderful time, we visited Verbier which is clean, tidy and posh.  We ran in the mountains.   We did not lose Heather or have her fall down a mountain.   We all finished the day smiling, exercised and ready for more.

Life as it should be.