Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Cunning IKEA Knife Plan

Subject: Almost Global

Marcus and Agata cannot claim to be accomplished cooks but our strive for excellence and minimalism have led us to Global Knives. These are of course Japanese knives hand crafted in Niigata.

A few things about expensive knives:

- You have to hand-wash them  (no dishwasher, which seems very unfair!)
- Global knives look beautiful
- An integrated handle, in this case hollow for balance is usually thought to be superior

- Oh, and they cost a fortune!

The Dilemma
We are soon to leave our perfect home in Lausanne Switzerland for new adventures in England.  Do we take our knives with us?  Or buy a second set in England?  Or something else.

Whilst smoozing around our favourite home furnishings store,  IKEA, we noticed their range of 365+ knives.

They seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to the Global knives

First Marcus bought a test knife.  I was shocked to find it sharper than the almost visually identical Global knife even after I had used a specifically approved Global knife sharpener (no really we do have one).

So we went into full buy mode:

I think the above 6 knives cost less than a single Global and certainly less than the Global knife block that we leave behind.  Our new kitchen is downsized and we can't fit this block in there!

Bloody Terrorists

On a more sobre note,  most large retailers have a voluntary ban on selling knives online.  So for example in the UK  IKEA, Argos  etcetera will ask you politely to goto the store, they will not post Knives to you.  Just another reason why I'll never forgive those terrorists.

Back to the final setup:

So there you have it.   Whilst we are away, the family who will be taking care of things for us will have an almost as good as Global knife family in the original block.   We think that is pretty generous. Right?