Sunday, May 28, 2017

State of the Artist

The Script: Hall of Fame

From personal experience Marcus and Agata can relate an unusual experience from last week.

We were extravagant!

This post is one regarding Perfection, Being the Best or Owning the Best, something that many of us strive for.  Indeed during our formative years it's quite natural for our parents to encourage us to 

Be the best in your chosen field of endeavor

Actually I feel sorry for any of my peers who were merely encouraged to be mediocre

Not Having but Owning

The main issue with 'Being the Best' is that there is very limited scope for achievement, particularly in this Global world where the Internet makes it so easy to see that you are not the best for example: Mathematician,  Physicist, Footballer or Logician.

Therefore most of us settle for owning something however small and particular that is really the best.

It might be something so small like, drinking the very best tea, or wearing the most exclusive and comfortable business shoes, or something larger like owning the fastest car in town or the biggest house.

We did it too :-)
So yes, Marcus and Agata did it too.   Last week we ordered and this week we received our new GPS Sport Watches!   Yes I know, hardly an earth shattering purchase, but we confidently state that our new, and identical his and hers watches are the very best that planet earth can provide in 2017 to meet our sporting needs being it Triathlon,  Trail Running or in our case Ultra distance activities.

Indeed, after the fact Marcus surmised that this was one of the most economical 'Best in the Planet' purchases, especially after we just watched the Channel 4 programme: World's Most Expensive Cars

Episode 3: Ferrari Spyder & 2 Maseratis

And SO

We openly ask.  What did you buy for yourself or a loved one:  Something that was State of the Art,  something that was perhaps the best that this world could offer you in 2017, given your tastes and preferences.

It might be something that you enjoy privately or exhibit to friends or the world in general to show everybody what kind of person you are.

What was it, and why?