Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Serial Filler

Marcus and Agata are not one to follow even a small proportion of the trends, but we do feel the need to have a direct opinion on just how awful some of the latest Serial blockbusters really are.

Things came to a head when a friend say he actually like Fast and Furious and we realised that the Franchise was now at 
#8 and we had only seen upto #3.

It was off to the school of Fast And Furious

We managed to struggle through episode #4 though we did not have subtitles and there were many times when we just looked at each other say:  Did you Understand that?

Seems like American English, or American Fast and Furious English is becoming a dialect we don't understand

Next stop the Film Trailer

Fast Furious 5

Fast Furious 6

Fast Furious 7

Fast Furious 8

The trailers have become less and less coherent, filled with more and more fast packed action and bangs.  Culminating in F&F#8 where we have absolutely no idea what is going on

Incremental Investment
It is so rare that a sequel to a movie is better than its predecessor so why do movie companies and audiences seem to like them so much?

To Marcus it the theory of Incremental Investment. And Money

Big numbers indeed.  And most outside of the USA

The Production company figures:  Iteration n was a moneyspinner, so chances are n+1 will be too

Joe Public thinks,  iteration n was good,  surely n+1 won't be that much worse.

However we all know some terrible examples  (Pirates of the Carribean er hum) where the franchise has gone from bad to please don't make me watch that film.

In fact in 2017, for Pirates, when the Digital Movie print was stolen, there is a distinct rumour that people are banding together to pay the thieves money not to ever release the film it is so awful :-)

Our Way Forward
Without the assistance of Drugs or Alcohol we plan to make a stab at further Fast and Furious movies.  In sequence of course.

And we reserve the right to move off script and go with some newer fresher contenders


After all of this effort we will declare ourselves,  almost down with the kids, or something like that :-)