Wednesday, May 10, 2017

S630 Bluetooth Earbud

If you are exercising with any earphone product that has wires, in 2017 you have just got to be nuts.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbud or Earbuds provide a cordless, convenient and IMHO superior experience for the athlete in training


The Eureka moment first started with the S530 Bluetooth product which we reviewed in December 2015   At last there was a very discrete, well tiny, functional, hard wearing, easy to use earbud that could give you 3 hours of music.  And not fall out of your ear, and cost less than 10 GBP.

I know,  totally incredible.

The S630 is the new natural iteration.  Again it is less than 10GBP including shipping, so please consider it a test buy.   Let's recap why you should order one, or well several !!

- Discrete Design
- Many colours and styles available, although clearly black is best :-)
- 3 hour Music Playback
- Includes a Microphone and can take Smartphone calls
- Small enough to never fall our of the ear with severe movement
- Does not protrude so you can wear any type of helmet concurrently without pressing in on your ear and bruising it
- Not waterproof or resistant: you can't swim with it, but it survives well during rainy outdoor training sessions
- Does not survive the Washing Machine, I sort of tried it unintentionally :-(

As a one earbud music solution your other ear is able to listen to the outside world.  This has significant safety benefits and means that I continue to recommend it for sports including races on the open road.

I will remind everybody that Cycling Pro's have for years used a one ear radio mike solution.  One ear is enough to listen in and still be very aware of your surroundings.

As a bonus one tap on the push button outer and the audio is paused  (or telephone call answered). 


To Marcus this is an elegant design and a step up from the S530


A non standard cable goes from USB to charge the earbud.   You are bound to lose it so perhaps buy 2 earbuds and say keep one cable at work and the other at home?

Note I did try other designs with a 'standard' micro USB socket.  But in those designs the large opening could lead to water ingress and product failure, also the metal outside edge of the socket can scrape your ear.   This has 2 pins going into 2 holes on the earbud, so earbud is very comfortable

The in ear sleeve is smooth rubber folded once onto itself so you can unfold and really clean it

Headphone design is a tricky area because we all have different ear canal sizes and shapes.  For Marcus with large ears and small ear internals these work more comfortably than any other design, including the S530.

Over Time
I now have a variety of earbuds so this was used for a period of 6 months, probably every other day for over 3 hours.  There is no case but its very robust.

Get One
If I persuaded you that this is even better than a S530 and that your requirements of listening to music

My usual eBay caveats apply
- Choose a Chinese or HK supplier
- Make sure they have a high sales/Feedback score (say 20000)

Happy Listening

Note Also
A newer generation earbud product is now also available with  a portable battery bank & case.  I'll review that soon too, but that has a price point over 15 GBP and the device I am showing you above is only 7GBP, half the price.