Monday, May 08, 2017

Remembering Onstream

It is time to say goodbye to my Ostream 50GB SCSI tape drive setup.

This has been nestling in a cupboard together for about 10 years.  I really did plan to resurrect it but after a lot of soul searching I thought it was not to be.

The Onstream unit was called ADR for Advanced Digital Recording and comprised of either a IDE or SCSI connected tape drive.

You then bought  (for my drive) either 15GB or 25GB native capacity cartridges.   With compression this was supposed to double, meaning that I had a stack of cartridges each with a 50GB usable capacity.

Back in the day and the day which was about 2001 then this was a handsome storage capacity


I had a previous masterplan of converting my beloved Cromemco Vintage computers, circa 198x to use SCSI hard drives and SCSI tape drives.

But recently there has been some dramatic progress in MFM hard drive emulation resulting in this step up technology idea, that is MFM to SCSI being obsoleted.

Effectively then I was keeping the SCSI tape drive and 50GB tapes for no reason

Free or Fee
Initially I advertised the tapes and drive for less than 30GBP.  Not a bad deal for the buyer considering my 500GBP plus investment, albeit a while ago.

Anyway, after over 9 months no takers!   Then I lowered the price to Free and guess what.   Takers.   Hmm.

I had hoped they would take the drives and the multiple SCSI cards I was still charging for

Just one picture of all the cards I'm selling for a bargain 15 GBP or so.  Unbelievable when you consider they cost hundreds of pounds each when I bought then :-(

But for 15 GBP still nobody is interested.  They merely wanted the free stuff.   Hmm.

The Usual Paranoia

Although all the information on these tapes was over 14 years old, well it was personal on at least some of the tapes.  So Agata and Marcus separated anything that might contain data and disassembled the tape and put it beyond repair.  This was actually the first time I'd seen inside the cartridge, after all those years.

So Goodbye  to Onstream.

Today in 2017 we have a different backup strategy and I sketched this out  here  Though this is unfortunately going to change for the worse when our Infinite Internet connection speeds drops to well something tiny   (lose the cloud syncing).

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