Friday, May 12, 2017

Raspberry Pi: Time is Running Out

Gary Sims: Digital Assistant

Subtitle: A message primarily to the Kids

I have already commented on the quite brilliant Raspberry Pi and multiple times suggested that every young person even vaguely interested in technology should partake of this low cost Educational technology

Real Skills
You can of course browse many YouTube technical channels and become an armchair expert as to the advantages of the Galaxy S8 vs the iPhone 7, without possibly ever owning or touching either of them.

But with a Real working Raspberry Pi 3, screen and keyboard and an Internet Connection you can learn a lot more.  Real skills, not just waffle or opinion.

Why is time running out?
Like any technology there are the Early adopters,  and then the Mainstream.  But after that if you try to get into the technology you will find that all your predecessors have progressed to a level so far ahead of you that

- It's difficult for you to catch up
- Others are already operating on a higher level 
- Their focus is now on solving problems you can't even begin to understand

In the above video Gary explains how you can interact and understand the Google Assistant API.  But you are not going anywhere without at least a working Pi.

So Catch Up!

- Get at least a Raspberry Pi 3 , perhaps the kit 
- Get a SD card, keyboard and mouse and Screen
- Read / subscribe to MagPi  Online
- Order the Google Kit AIY projects kit
(IMHO The Google kit is now sold out everywhere so in fact you will have to use Gary's tutorial on using alternative components, & get a breadboard and button from the PiHut )

Given the cost, or should I say, lack of cost, don't tell me you are a practical IT boy/girl/man/woman unless there is at least one Pi in your household.


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