Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pully Plage, Pully Swimming Pool opens 2017

Subject: A bitter sweet opening

This is a happy yet sad posting to relate the Opening for the 2017 season of the Pully Plage swimming pool, well in Pully, Lausanne Vaud Switzerland.

It is bitter sweet because this will be our last summer in Lausanne as we leave this country shortly. Hence our last summer here where we can enjoy from May to September the delights of an open water, heated, Olympic Size (50 metre) swimming pool.

Not only that, but it is relatively quiet, it's a quality environment with a total absence of twats, chavs and other undesirables  (no really!) and the staff are very polite, as are Marcus and Agata of course.

But wait!  There is more.  There are nice shady spots to rest.  There are Ping Pong tables.  There is a pool for little ones.  And there is even a Restaurant.

Oh and that view!

On the opening day of Wednesday May 17th of course we were there and some photographs.

NB: Marcus gets very distracted around Pully.  There are so many unusual cars to photograph!

Not the worst view in the world to look out on whilst swimming